Monika Stanisheva

Chair of the Board @Dir.bg

Monika Stanisheva, currently serving as Chair of the Board at Bulgaria’s premier digital publisher, Dir.bg, boasts over three decades of experience in the media and communications realm. Her illustrious journey commenced as a news reporter at Bulgarian National TV, where she honed her craft before venturing into entrepreneurship, establishing her own marketing and communication agency, Active Group.

Mrs.Stanisheva stands as the visionary founder and President of the Organizational Committee of the Green Transition Forum, a prestigious annual conference dedicated to fostering green transformation across Central and Eastern Europe, hosted in Sofia, Bulgaria.

As an entrepreneur she navigated the challenges of launching a business in Eastern Europe, offering her unique perspective on the hurdles faced by women in the region. With a background steeped in journalism, she harbors a deep-seated appreciation for amplifying diverse voices and championing noble causes.
Mrs. Stanisheva’s influence extends beyond the boardroom; she actively participates as an Angel investor and serves on the Steering Committee of the Bulgarian Innovation Forum. Recognized as one of the 50 most influential women Angel investors in the Central and Eastern European region by The Recursive media, she ardently advocates for female entrepreneurship and sustainability initiatives.

As a Member of the European Sounding Board of Innovations, Monika contributes to shaping the innovation landscape in Europe by providing insights and expertise on emerging trends and technologies.

Monika Stanisheva is also proud to be a Board Member of the European Female Forum, where she advocates for gender equality and empowerment in business and leadership. By championing diversity and inclusion, she strives to create opportunities for women to thrive and succeed in all aspects of their professional lives.

Her academic credentials include a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of National and World Economy (Sofia) and a Master’s degree in Journalism from Sofia University. Beyond her professional endeavors, Monika is a devoted mother of four.