Our speakers over the years

Марош Шефчович
VICE-PRESIDENT of the EC for Interinstitutional Relations and Foresight.
Iliana Ivanova
European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth
Dr. Igor Papič
Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation of Slovenia
Асен Христов
Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Eurohold Bulgaria AD
Камелия Минева
Member of the Management Board of ProCredit Bank Bulgaria
Melodena Stephens
Professor of Innovation & Technology Governance at MBRSG in Dubai, UAE
Jeton Raka
Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Environment, Kosovo
John Havens
Global Director for Strong Sustainability and The IEEE
Panagiotis Panousos
Energy Transition Manager at DESFA SA – Hellenic Gas Transmission System Operator
Димитър Енчев
Co-founder and Member of the Board of Directors of CWP
Петър Филдишев
Head of Gas Trading and Operations at MET Energy Trading Bulgaria
Чарлина Вичева
Director of DG "Maritime Affairs and Fisheries" at the European Commission
Светлана Жекова
International expert in the field of environment and climate change (EC, UN, SC)
Миля Димитрова
Senior Expert "Climate Change and Decarbonization", Deloitte Bulgaria
Svetlana Boyanova
Chair of the Institute for Agricultural Strategies and Innovations and Head of the European Digital Innovation Hub AgroHub.BG, Executive Director of the Bulgarian Agrarian Chamber
Kristian Ruby
Secretary General, Union of the Electricity Industry - Eurelectric
Матю Болдуин
Deputy Director-General of DG Mobility and Transport at the European Commission
Costas Theophylaktos
President of the Energy Efficiency Committee and Secretary General of IENE, Greece
Dorin Badea
Member of the Index Committee - Bucharest Stock Exchange
Балин Балинов
Coordinator of the "Energy Solutions" campaign in "Greenpeace" - Bulgaria
Арбен Пелумби
Chairman of the Energy Community Parliamentary Plenum 2023
Angelin Tsachev
Director and member of the Management Board of the Electricity System Operator
Ивайло Найденов
Executive Director of the Bulgarian Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers (BFIEC)
Атанас Пеканов
Deputy Prime Minister for Management of European Funds (2022-2023)
Андриана Сукова-Тошева
Deputy Director of the EC's DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion.
Теодора Пенева
Chief assistant at the Economic Research Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Антон Иванов
KISB's energy expert and consultant in the field of energy policy
инж. Тодор Андонов
Member of the Board of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber
Джеф Готлиб
Senior IMF Regional Representative for Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe
Цанко Арабаджиев
Member of the Managing Board and Executive Director of Bulgarian Development Bank
Алън Херявец
Member of the Management Board, Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (HBOR)
Сергей Станишев
Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria (2005-2009), President of PES (2011-2022), Member of the European Parliament (since 2014)
Patryk Darowski
Director of Industrial Risk and ESG of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego
Галя Георгиева
Director of "Sustainable Development" of Eurohold Bulgaria AD
Светослав Любомиров
CEO of „Glavbolgarstroy Holding“ and Executive Officer of „GBS International“
Dr. Marina Stefanova
Director of the "Responsible and Sustainable Management" program at Sofia University
Мария Накова
Head of the European Digital Innovation Hub in Construction
Кирил Райчев
Chairman of the Alliance for Energy Efficiency, International EE/ESCO Finance Expert at Econoler
Адрияна Събева
Co-founder of Gradoscope and founder of Imp-Act Agency
Десислава Симеонова
Leader of the KBC Group’s Sustainable Finance Programme and Executive Director SME Banking of UBB
Анета Василева
Architectural critic, lecturer at UACG, founder of the "New Architectural Heritage" Foundation
Либурн Алиу
Minister of Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure of the Republic of Kosovo
Petar Vitanov
Head of the Delegation of Bulgarian Socialists to the European Parliament
Тодор Николов
Director of Energy Transition Projects, Solvay Sodi
Георги Стефанов
Head of the Political Cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister for Climate Policy (2022-2023), leading expert on climate, energy, green policies
д-р Марк Еспосито
Harvard lecturer and co-author of the bestsellers "The AI Republic" and "Understanding how the future unfolds"
Мария Маринова
CEO of the Bulgarian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association
Мартин Дановски
Chairman of the Management Board of the Fund of Funds (2018-2021)
Даниел Абу
President of European AI Forum and CEO of KI Bundesverband (AI Germany)
Момчил Карпузанов
Academic director of the master's programs of the American University in Bulgaria
Petr Bratsky
Kinstellar, senior lawyer in the regional TMT sector
Боги Елиасен
Director of Health at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS)
Андрей Новаков
Member of the group of the European People's Party in the EP
Д-р Дина Цоневска
Principal Expert at the Directorate for Road Safety and Planning of Road Safety Activities at RIA
Димитър Савов
Director of the Transport Policy Directorate, Ministry of Transport
Илия Левков
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Industrial Cluster Electromobiles
Никола Колев
Director Operation Terminal West, BMF Port Burgas AD
Антония Маврова
Partner Kinstellar, Head of Firm-Wide Automotive & Industrials sector
Хервиг Шустер
Transport expert for the European Mobility For All campaign, Greenpeace
Мария Радойчева
Chief Expert, Infrastructure and Ecology Directorate, Gabrovo Municipality
Мартин Заимов
Member of the Board of Directors of Wind of Change Jsc.
Благовест Кирилов
Chairman of the Board of the Bulgarian Association of the Software and Outsourced Services Sectors
Ния Йотова
Head of Business Development at ZenArt VR
Иво Русев
Chief Commercial Officer – Telelink Business Services
Люпчо Николовски
Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy of the Republic of North Macedonia
Синан Вейсал
Member of the MB of the Fruit and Vegetable Chamber
Доц. д-р Ралица Жекова
Head of the Regional Agency for Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Varna

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