Момчил Арнаутски

Momchil Arnautski

Manager Energy Transition Analytics

Momchil began his career as an assurance analyst at EY (Ernst & Young). After that he joined a Dutch hedge fund where he gained experience in equity trading encompassing various industries, top-down, bottom-up, quantitative and fundamental research, along with algorithmic trading strategy development. He was passionate to continue his career in value creation and environmental impact industries, thus after 2 years as an equity trader he joined CWP.

Since joining CWP in 2017, Momchil has focused his efforts on financial analysis of various wind, solar and storage projects. He is also involved in the research and economic analysis of various technologies related to the power to molecules sector (PtX).

Prior to working life, Momchil completed a master’s degree at Rotterdam School of Management and a bachelor’s degree at Bocconi University Milan. Outside CWP you will find Momchil in the park having a walk or learning how to play the guitar.