Jeton Raka

Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Environment, Kosovo

Jeton Raka was born on October 11, 1979 in Kaçanik. He attended primary school in the school “Emin Duraku” Kaçanik, secondary school in the school “Elena Gjika”, and at higher university studies graduated in Public Administration & International Relations in Prishtina. Previosly, Jeton has worked in OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) in Election Department, Head Quarters Prishtina. He has also worked in privat sector as a Public Procurement Specialist in Prishtina, than later on served as Director of the Public Procurement Directorate in Municipality of Shtime. Jeton is a Certified Public Procurement Specialist. From September 2023 served as Political Advisor to the Minister of the Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planing and Infrastructure.
Jeton Raka started his political activity in 2017 in the VETËVENDOSJE! Movement! it is since its inception, contributing to the advancement of the right to internal and external self-determination that belongs to Kosovo. Since then he was always active, being part of the Party Structures of the VETEVENDOSJE! Movement, a member of the General Council, and in 2022 he is elected as a Leader of the VETEVENDOSJE! Movement in Kaçanik
Officially on January 9, 2024 becomes Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure.