Антон Иванов

Anton Ivanov

KISB's energy expert and consultant in the field of energy policy

Anton Ivanov was born on August 27, 1960. His main activity is related to project management and development of strategic plans in the energy sector. Current consultant to the National Security Council in the field of energy policy, expert to the Economic and Social Council of the National Assembly, consultant to the Nuclear Regulatory Agency in the field of radioactive waste, etc.

Since 2006, he has been working at Pro EcoEnergy OOD, where he is a leading expert on the EC’s STRIDE project for the application of smart grids; System analyzes when planning electricity production and consumption; Development and evaluation of energy efficiency projects under the EBRD program for energy efficiency; Overall organization and management of an energy project for the construction of a biomass heating plant from conceptual design to commissioning; Development of project justifications and descriptions for the needs of project financing of energy objects; Measurement and determination of annual energy production from RES; Management of energy projects for the use of renewable sources.