The Ministry of Innovation and Growth supports and promotes the green transition, and actually implements green policies

The Ministry of Innovation and Growth supports and promotes the green transition, and actually implements green policies

A good business invariably means a business that takes into account the impact we leave on the environment, society and the economy, and that manages to be competitive on the one hand thanks to the optimized and high-tech processes it implements, while at the same time complying with the requirements to leave a smaller footprint of its presence on nature and society. This is what the Minister of Innovation and Growth, Milena Stoicheva said during the second day of the “Green Week 2023” forum, dedicated to the green transition in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and energy connectivity, green financing and innovation, which started yesterday in Sofia. BTA is media partner of the event.

Stoycheva pointed out that the Ministry of Innovation and Growth (MIG) recognizes the need for the introduction of green policies and expressed her satisfaction that it is her line ministry that encourages Bulgarian business in the introduction of innovations for a sustainable green transition. “We are also those who support investments in the circular economy and are part of the force that will move the wheel in the direction of higher and more efficient use of renewable energy sources,” she said.

In order to support companies to pursue green policies, in the coming months, a circular economy procedure with a budget of BGN 180 million will be opened under MIR. It will be possible for micro, small, medium and large enterprises to apply, which will be able to implement in their production equipment that will reduce waste and the means for its disposal, as well as for the production of new products from their residual materials. The aim is to limit the use of plastic packaging and single-use plastic products.

Stoycheva reminded that Bulgaria strives to be among the first 20 countries in the world with a working “hydrogen valley”, as the relevant project has already been approved by the European Commission and its implementation is expected to start by the end of this year. The construction of the hydrogen valley is worth 30 million euros, with MIR contributing 8 million euros. The funds will be provided by the “Science and Innovation” program, which will be opened very soon.

“Our ministry not only supports and promotes the green transition, it actually implements green policies. Our vision is to continue creating opportunities for the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Bulgaria, for the promotion of young companies, for their integration into the process of creating innovations. I hope that through the actions and vision of our ministry, we will be able to create a new look for the Bulgarian economy – the kind it deserves to have, namely an economy with high added value, which integrates modern technological solutions, but ensures the preservation of our nature and the Earth,” Minister Stoycheva added.