Вадим Чебан

Vadim Ceban

CEO of Moldovagaz

Vadim Ceban was born in the village of Cișmichioi, Vulcanesti region, on November 15, 1979. Successfully defended his Ph.D. “The efficiency of capital markets in emerging economies” Sibiu, Romania, 2011. He began his career at the National Commission for the Financial Market, after which he moved to the Ministry of Economy. In 2009 he headed the National Agency for Energy Regulation, and in 2010 he returned to the Ministry of Economy. In 2015, he joined the Executive Committee of Gagauzia as the first Deputy Bashkan (head of the autonomy). In September 2019, he became the Chairman of the Board of Moldovagaz JSC. Fluent in Romanian, Russian, English, and Turkish.