Надя Данкинова

Nadya Dankinova

Executive Director of the FLAG Foundation

Executive Director of the FLAG Fund since 2011, and since 2012 of the subsidiary Fund for Sustainable Urban Development – a fund for civic development of Sofia under the financial instrument JESSICA. Master of Social and Economic Planning and Public Finance from the University of national and world economy, Sofia with many years of experience in managing EU projects. In the public sector Nadya Dankinova was deputy and regional governor of Yambol as well as deputy mayor of Yambol Municipality. Active participant in expert working groups on financial decentralization and municipal finances, and in the development of strategic regions.

The FLAG Fund is a state instrument for regional development, created in support of the implementation of infrastructure projects of local authorities. For its already 15-year history, the fund has established itself as a significant financial institution for the Bulgarian municipalities on the path of sustainable urban finance. At the same time the FLAG Fund creates sustainable partnerships with international financial institutions and commercial banks. Of the more than 1,300 projects funded from 2009 to date, many are working to improve the city’s in frastructure and mobility.