Марсел Йонеску Agricloud
Marsel Ĭonesku Agricloud
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Marcel Ionescu Agricloud

Marcel Ionescu

CEO of Agricloud

“In the next 50 years, humanity must produce as much food as it has produced in the last 400 years,” says Marcel Ionescu. Here’s a sentence that makes everyone wince and wonder if it’s a typo (it’s not).

This is exactly the reaction of Marcel, who immediately makes a decision: to open a business in the field of agriculture, even if it has nothing to do with this field. So Marcel decided to start a company: AgriCloud.

AgriCloud helps farmers with decision-making reports that alert them days before irreversible damage occurs to their crops, giving them time to intervene. It’s a technology based on sensors and drones that monitor crops and feed data to an app that broadcasts real-time weather, disease and pest alerts. All people have significant resistance to change, and farmers even more so. It is necessary to understand that farmers have the most important job on the planet.