Маню Муравенов

Manyu Moravenov Ph.D

Executive Director of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange

Assoc. Dr. Moravenov is the executive director of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. He is a professional member of RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Valuers and Investment Advisers). He has been a long-time teacher at VUZF – Sofia, being the holder of the courses “Electronic Exchanges” and “Alternative Investments” – master’s program, as well as a lecturer of the qualification course “Real Estate Finance” at the bachelor’s program of VUZF.

Manyu Moravenov has over 20 years of experience in the fields of finance and investments, the real estate market and capital markets. He has held and continues to hold management positions, both in private companies (investments in real estate, financial mediation and consulting services), and in institutions and non-governmental organizations of the Bulgarian capital and investment market. In recent years, he has been actively involved in the management of the credit portfolio and creditworthiness of companies, as well as leading the processes of various sources of financing such as: IPOs and capital financing, bond issuance, corporate loans and bank financing.

Dr. Moravenov is one of the authors of the National Code of Corporate Governance and played an active role in the creation of the legislation and the infrastructure of the regulated capital markets in Bulgaria. He has undergone multiple specializations and participated in a number of international conferences related to capital markets and investment issues in Tokyo, Boston, New York, Vienna, Istanbul, Vilnius, Budapest, Prague, Munich and Luxembourg.

Manyu Moravenov is one of the four nominees for the “Mr. Economy 2006” prize for the best results in the development of the non-banking financial sector (organizers – “Economy” magazine and “Industrial Capital Association”, Bulgaria). He is also among the ten finalists for the “Business Personality of 2009” award, a competition organized by “Capital Media Group” and Nova TV, Bulgaria.

The companies led by Associate Professor Moravenov have been awarded a number of awards, some of which are: “Investor of the Year” in the “Tourism” sector in 2013; Prize winner in the annual ranking of the “Dnevnik” newspaper – “The 100 best companies on the stock exchange in Bulgaria for 2009.” in the section “Best REIT in real estate”; “Best IR Website” for 2008 of the Association of Investor Relations Directors in Bulgaria; “Company with the best corporate governance among the companies with a special investment purpose for 2006.” of the Association of Investors in Bulgaria.

Manyu Moravenov has not participated and does not participate in other commercial companies as a general partner.

Manyu Moravenov has not participated in companies in respect of which bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings have been opened and there is no valid fraud conviction, he is not deprived of the right to hold a materially responsible position, to be a member of an administrative, management or supervisory board organ.