Хервиг Шустер

Herwig Schuster

Transport expert for the European Mobility For All campaign, Greenpeace

Herwig Schuster has been working as a campaign strategist for Greenpeace since 1997. He is based in the Greenpeace office in Vienna, which serves as the regional headquarter for Greenpeace in Central & Eastern Europe. Throughout the years, he has been involved in most Greenpeace campaigns, including chemical pollution, climate change, anti-nuclear and agriculture, at Austrian, CEE and international level.

In recent years, he joined the European Greenpeace Mobility4All campaign, where he works towards an affordable, reliable and environmentally friendly mobility system in Europe. The campaign currently focuses on a shift from plane to rail, especially for cross-border transport in Europe. It also promotes an electrification of the transport sector, while ensuring that the number of cars will be reduced by shifting to public transport and non-motorized mobility. One of the key solutions promoted by Greenpeace is a simple and affordable ticketing system to motivate people to shift from cars to public transport.