Джордж Кремлис

Giorgos Kremlis

Honorary Director of the European Commission

George Kremlis is the Chairman of the Greek Initiative at UN level on protecting cultural and natural heritage from climate change impacts. He is a member of the Board of the European Public Law Organisation and chairs its climate and circular economy Institute. He is as well the Ambassador of the EPLO in Bulgaria. He was until recently a member of the environmental and social advisory council of the EBRD and is also currently the Chair of the Bureau of the Espoo Convention, Chair of the MOPs in 2019, elected Chair for the MOPs in December 2020 and re-elected Chair for the period 2021-2023, as well as for the period up to 2027. He is the Chairman of the AmCham circular economy committee. George Kremlis is Honorary Director of the European Commission (EC) and has acted in this capacity as Active Senior responsible for circular economy in the islands. He was until recently special Advisor to the Greek Prime Minister on energy, climate, environment and circular economy issues. He is doctor honoris causa of the Varna Free University.