Емилиян Абаджиев

Emilian Abadjiev

Founder of Tumba Solutions

Emo Abadjiev, a seasoned engineer and entrepreneur, has sculpted a dynamic career shaping products for global Fortune 500 brands. A pioneer in mobile app development, his innovations played a key role in digitalizing a world-leading exercise bike company. Since 2018, Emo’s passion for digital cities has driven him to start two key projects redefining urban planning for the digital age. With a keen focus on urban-centric mobility and sustainable urban development, he is revolutionizing the urban landscape with next-gen, privacy-oriented information solutions, fostering smarter, greener and sustainable city solutions. By connecting these advanced technologies with real-world applications, Emo Abadjiev demonstrates the enormous opportunities they present – they’re not merely trends, but powerful tools that allow creators, businesses, policy makers, and state administrations to build groundbreaking products that will help people live healthier and safer lives, and benefit from technologies.