Арбен Пелумби

Arben Pëllumbi

Chairman of the Energy Community Parliamentary Plenum 2023

Arben Pëllumbi was born on September 22, 1965 in the city of Korça. He completed his higher education at the University of Tirana in Electric Engineerig and initially worked as a Design Engineer in Elbasan Institute of Metallurgical Studies as well as in the Tirana Information Institute. Mr. Pëllumbi has had a long commitment in the field of private business in the city of Tirana.

Arben Pëllumbi has been elected deputy of Tirana District in two legislatures. Has exercised parliamentary activity in the permanent parliamentary committees for Economy and Finance; Legal Affairs, Public Administration and Human Rights; Production Activities, Trade and Environment. He is currently the Chairman of the Committee for Production Activities, Trade and the Environment. Mr. Pëllumbi has been leading the Green Group of the Albanian Parliament since September 2022.

Mr. Pëllumbi is a deputy of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party. For three years he held the position of the Organizational and Electoral Coordination Secretary of the Socialist Party of Albania. He is currently a member of the Presidency of the Socialist Party.