Violeta Kogalniceanu

Director of EC Infrastructure and Energy Efficiency

Has over 30 years of first hand experience in international programme management and consulting for energy and energy efficiency policy and strategy development, capacity building and institutional strengthening, project analysis and financing for climate change, energy efficient technologies and renewable energy sources, etc.
Worked with/consulted for various Romanian and international organizations, the World Bank Energy Programme, United Nations Development Programme, the United States Agency for International Development, etc. Was involved in energy efficiency and energy policy formulation and debate in Romania, contributed to the IEA Energy Policies Survey in Romania, participated in international energy conferences with papers, etc.
Joined the Energy Community Secretariat in Vienna in March 2006, and since then worked with Western Balkan countries, Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia and assisting these in the implementation of the Treaty establishing the Energy Community (the Treaty).
As Head of European Green Deal, she supervises work of the Contracting Parties to the Treaty to develop and implement energy efficiency, renewable energy and climate legal framework and facilitated their dialogue with the Donors’ Community and the International Financial Institutions in order to bridge the finanincing gap for energy investments.