Тодор Николов

Todor Nikolov

Director of Energy Transition Projects, Solvay Sodi

Todor NIKOLOV rejoined the Solvay team as Director of Energy Transition Projects in September 2021, working on the energy transition projects of the GBU Soda Ash & Derivatives sites with a special mission focused on Devnya, BULGARIA.
Todor NIKOLOV brings his extensive experience in project management, strategy and business development that would benefit any industrial company.

Todor NIKOLOV worked at the head office of Veolia in FRANCE as an expert on cogeneration plants and waste-to-energy projects, in which role he directly participated and contributed to the successful completion of mergers and acquisitions projects, business projects development and efficiency improvements of Veolia’s assets in the field of combined energy production, as well as the utilization of alternative fuels. IN BULGARIA.

He was a member of the Board of Directors and Executive Director of several companies, most recently of Veolia Energy Varna EAD. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of “Devnia Energy” EAD, a subsidiary of “Solvay Sodi” AD.
Todor NIKOLOV has over 25 years of experience in the energy and industrial sectors, more specifically in activities related to energy efficiency, decarbonization, energy production and transmission, regulatory management and policies, technological development, circular economy and innovation.

Todor NIKOLOV has a higher technical education in the field of thermal energy, a master’s degree in economics in the field of industry, as well as many specializations and qualification training in the field of corporate management, restructuring and development of companies.