Румен Радев - министър на енергетиката

Rumen Radev

Minister of Energy

Radev has been the chairman of the Board of Directors of Asarel-Investment since 2012 – he is responsible for the group’s investments in the mining industry, energy, new technologies. ZAHYR Project Coordinator. Vice-Chairman of the Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria, member of the Board of Trustees of BAS, Vice-Chairman of the Bulgarian Association for Fuel Cells, Hydrogen and Energy Storage.

Не actively participates in the development, management and promotion of hydrogen technologies and innovations in Bulgaria, including the creation of Hydrogen Valley Stara Zagora, as well as the hydrogen department at EDIH Zagore.

After the early parliamentary elections, on June 6, 2023, he headed the Ministry of Energy in the cabinet of Nikolay Denkov.