Проф. д-р Даниела Бобева

Prof. Daniela Bobeva

Professor of finance at VUZF

Prof. Daniela Bobeva is a professor of finance at VUZF. She has been working in the banking and financial sector for more than 20 years, and for 11 years she has been the director of the European and International Directorate at the Bulgarian National Bank. Participates in the Financial Services Committee of the European Commission, where European regulations and policies in this area are drawn up. She was also an alternate member of the Economic and Financial Committee of the ECOFIN Council, in which the macroeconomic policy of the EU is coordinated. She works on the alignment of Bulgarian legislation with European legal acts in the financial sector and the preparation of the Bulgarian legal framework, being the head and member of the working groups in the following areas: capital requirements, consumer and mortgage credit, payment services, guaranteeing deposits and others , as part of the overall reform of the financial sector in the EU.

Manages BNB projects for the introduction of European principles and good practices in the banking system of Egypt, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia.

Her banking career also includes the position of First Vice President of the Black Sea Bank for Trade and Development at its inception from 1998 to 2001. She held the following government positions: Chairman of the Foreign Investment Agency (1995-1996), Minister of Trade and Foreign Economic Cooperation (1997 ). and Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Development (2013-2014).

She teaches the disciplines of international economics, financial markets and instruments, risk management, international financial institutions and policies. For 7 years, she has been leading a course on the European market of financial services at UNSS – Department of Finance, and since the beginning of 2018 she has launched an initiative to introduce the discipline of personal finance in six universities in the country based on her personal finance textbook.

Prof. Bobeva has a number of publications in the field of regulation of financial services, analyzes the effect of the ongoing reform in the banking and financial sector in the EU. A significant part of her research interests are the economic effects of migration, as well as macroeconomic imbalances, nominal and real convergence, foreign investments.

In recent years, she led research projects under the Korean Government Program (KSP) on state-owned enterprises and their role in the economy and on capital market revitalization. Participated in a research project on the development of the Bulgarian Development Bank, carried out by the Institute for Economic Research at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, as well as in a project on the regional electricity market, as part of an energy development strategy project funded by BEH.

Prof. Bobeva is the winner of many prestigious awards: “Made in Bulgaria”, “Business Lady of the Year – 2013”, award of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises and others. She is a member of the SOPEMI international research network of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.