Паулина Чотрова

Paulina Chotrova

CEO and founder of PSK Group

An engineer by education, Paulina Chotrova began her professional career, implementing what she learned at the Technical University in the field of computer systems and technologies. This became her main professional field, in which she held various positions over the years in small and larger companies in Bulgaria and abroad.

Since 2009, for several years, he has been working as a specialist at Microsoft, Bulgaria. Followed by periods of her career where she was a programming and design expert, Chairman of the Board at Avasi Technologies PVT Ltd, Senior Franchise Consultant and Project Manager at Franchise Int. worldwide.

In 2016, he became a country manager for almost 5 years at BUSINESSOFT YAZILIM SISTEMLERI-Turkey, meanwhile in 2015 he started his software company PSK Group OOD.

In addition to already having solid experience not only in the development of social and business projects in the field of technology, Paulina also has considerable experience as a volunteer. She is a legal representative of the NGO ACT 4 ALL, an associate expert at the NGO Institute “Perspectiva” and, since March 2021, a member of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs “Selena”.