Никола Колев

Nikola Kosev

Director Operation Terminal West, BMF Port Burgas AD

Nikola Kosev began his professional development in the maritime industry in 2007 at “MSC Bulgaria”. While holding the position of “Operational Manager” of the office in Burgas, he became a member of the Institute of Ship Charter Brokers, London.
In 2014, he accepted the ambitious challenge to develop the container terminal of the port terminal “Burgas West”. Under his management, the globally recognized NAVIS TOS terminal operating system was implemented in the terminal, the equipment was replaced with modern ones, the infrastructure was renovated beyond recognition. Respectively, the container traffic through Burgas is growing significantly.
Since the beginning of 2017, he has held the position of “Operation Director” at one of the two terminals concessioned by BMF Port Burgas AD, namely, the “Burgas West” terminal.