Лариса Манастирли

Larisa Manastirli

Director "Financial Institutions", BSTDB

Larisa Manastirli is Director of “Financial Institutions” of the Black Sea Bank for Trade and Development. Previously, she was Director of the EBRD, where she worked for 12 years. She joined the EBRD in 2001 at the permanent office in Chisinau to work as a banker covering projects in various sectors and playing a leading role in the development and implementation of products and facilities of the early transition countries that are part of the region of EBRD. With increasing assignments and exposures, she covers a wider geography with particular involvement in Ukraine and Armenia.

After six years at the EBRD, she decided to join the Black Sea Bank for Trade and Development, where she worked for five years on transactions in the financial sector, private equity and infrastructure in 11 countries of the Black Sea region (Albania and the Caucasus, Bulgaria, Greece, Moldova, Romania , Russia, Turkey, Ukraine). During this period, she also served on advisory boards of various regional private equity funds. Larissa returned to the EBRD in early 2012 to take up the role of Head of the Bishkek Office. In this capacity, she was able to significantly strengthen ties with government and development partners, raise the profile of the office and launch new initiatives, as well as lead the team to deliver a record high volume and number of investment operations.

Larisa holds a BA from the Moldovan Academy of Economic Studies and an MBA from the University of Wales.