Ilia Lingorski

Chief Economist, Bulgarian Development Bank


Ilia Lingorski is the Chief Economist of the Bulgarian Development Bank.

Over the last 25 years his career straddled both private and public sectors in investment banking, project finance, tourism, energy, public finance and international financial institutions.

He has served as Deputy Minister of Finance and Head of the State Treasury, Alternate Governor for Bulgaria of the IMF and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Bulgarian Development Bank.

He also served as a Trustee (2014-2017) and a Member of the University Council (since 2017) of the American University in Bulgaria. Iliya Lingorski was a co-founder and first president of the Bulgarian Section of the European Ligue for Economic Cooperation (Ligue Européenne de Coopération Économique) and in 2018 was elected by the Council held in Sofia as Chairman of the Energy, Infrastructure and PPP Commission of the organization. His post-graduate research at Oxford was in the field of applications of AI t o modeling complex and composite structures and his current doctoral research at the VUZF University in Sofia is focused on modeling eurozone macroeconomic and structural convergence.