Христо Ковачки

Hristo Kovachki

Entrepreneur in the field of energy

Hristo Kovachki is graduated from Mathematics high school and continued his education in the field of physics and laser technologies. He obtained doctor degree in technological science. Professor Kovachki is author of a number of inventions related to lasers, electronics and energy. Developed different technologies and he has over 15 patents in ecology and energetic.  He invests time and energy for implementation new stable energetic solutions related to the basic and renewable energy capacities. Professor Kovachki supports the development and implementation of the hydrogen as a pure source of energy.

The new vision is for renovation of Bulgarian energetic industry and turns it as a stable, developed, modern and European industry preserved its social and economical significance. This is energetic industry based on knowledge, innovations and human efforts. He is also author of a book “Universal Order – A Theory of Knowledge”.