Драгош Унгуряну

Dragos Ungureanu

Vice President Risk at Black Sea Trade & Development Bank

Mr. Dragos Paul Ungureanu was born in 1977. From December 16, 2022, he holds the position of Vice President for Risk of the Black Sea Bank for Trade and Development for a term of four years.

Dragos Ungureanu joins BSTDB with extensive experience in the financial and banking sector. His most recent position was Head of the Commercial Department for SMEs and Microbusinesses at Banca Transilvania, where he was responsible for the bank’s credit policy and was responsible for the implementation and successful implementation of government programs. In his career spanning more than 17 years at Banca Transilvania, Mr. Ungurianu has a successful track record in portfolio acquisition and migration processes, as well as in promoting employee engagement and developing effective sales and product launch campaigns on the market.

As Vice President Risk, Mr. Ungureanu will be responsible for the Bank’s risk policy, project implementation and monitoring, environmental and social sustainability issues, and financial analysis.

Mr. Ungureanu holds a Master’s degree in Public Sector Management from the National School of Political and Administrative Sciences in Bucharest and a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting and Informatics from the University of Oil and Gas in Romania.