Angelin Tsachev

Director and member of the Management Board of the Electricity System Operator

Angelin Tsachev graduated with a degree in Electronics and Automation from the Technical University in Sofia in 1999. In the following years, he became a lecturer in electrical engineering in his hometown of Targovishte. From 2007 to 2011, he worked as the head of the Substations Department at the Electrical Installation Department in the town of Targovishte.

In 2011, he started working at the Trafoelektroinvest enterprise at the National Electric Company, where he headed a department engaged in the construction of power lines. After the separation of ESO into an independent company and its separation from NEK, Trafoelectroinvest became part of the structure of the independent transmission operator.

Angelin Tsachev continues to work in ESO as head of the Investor Control Department in the Investor Control and Site Preparation Department. Since February, 2018 he has been the Executive Director and a member of the Management Board of the Electricity System Operator.