Hristo Kovachki at the Green Week 2023 Forum: Bulgaria needs a comprehensive national energy strategy

Hristo Kovachki at the Green Week 2023 Forum: Bulgaria needs a comprehensive national energy strategy

 The topic of the round table was “Bulgaria’s New Energy Strategy”     

 Energy entrepreneur Hristo Kovachki was among the   participants in the first day of the big international forum “Green Week 2023”   dedicated to   the green transition in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, organized by the media Dir.bg and 3e-news.

          The subject of the roundtable, in which Hristo Kovacicki   participated as a leading expert on sustainable transformation , was   “Bulgaria’s new energy strategy”. A number of   representatives from the public and private energy sector, academia and NGOs shared their views in the discussion.

In their speeches Hristo Kovatchky and Bulgartransgaz Chairman Nikola Delev were unanimous that the ambition of the European Union for a green transition is an extremely high bar and the planned changes should find real expression in the Bulgarian energy sector as soon as possible. Hristo Kovachki pointed out that serious efforts and investments should be made to reduce emissions from energy production by 2030.

            “This does not mean, however, to close down the coal plants because there are several types of fuels that can be used to replace coal,” Hristo Kovacicki pointed out and noted that according to official data Bulgaria has 10 million tons of biowaste per year. In his words, they are one of the suitable fuels to replace coal in power plants.

            “Natural gas is undoubtedly the fuel of the energy transition and we must use this fuel as efficiently as possible,” concluded Hristo Kovachki.

            He also stressed that Bulgaria has not yet developed and approved a national energy strategy and pointed out that this is a key step for implementing the energy transition in the best way.

            “The “time” factor is extremely important and the development of an energy strategy should not be delayed, but we must develop it wisely and without closing existing plants. It is humiliating that the state does not take any steps to help private energy companies develop in the right direction,” Kovacicki said.

            Alexander Zagorov, Confederal Secretary of the Trade Union “Podkrepa”, said during the discussion that the furious attacks on coal mining prevented the unions from deploying this strategy. According to him, a strategy will solve these problems and there will be understanding between business and trade unions.

“All of you in this hall are specialists, but dressed in the heavy armour of business and you are not fickle, but if you take off your jackets of businessmen, by midnight you can produce a valuable energy strategy!” said Alexander Zagorov to all those present at the round table.

            In conclusion, energy professor Hristo Vassilev summarized, “Capable people from different sectors should unite and lead the Bulgarian energy sector to decarbonization with minimal social consequences for society!”

            The round table “Bulgaria’s New Energy Strategy” was attended by executives of the Bulgarian Electricity System Operator, the Bulgarian Federation of Industrial and Energy Consumers, the Bulgarian Oil and Gas Association, Solar Academy Bulgaria, a number of energy experts and other representatives of the business and NGO sector.