Green Week 2023 will discuss the transformation of the economy

Green Week 2023 will discuss the transformation of the economy

The green deal is no longer an unknown matter for businesses and people in Bulgaria. And green has long been a symbol not only of environmental policies or forward-looking nature conservation intentions. The real transformation of the economy has already begun, and specialists will be able to check their watches during the conference Green Week 2023.

The event is a natural continuation of the Green Transition organized last year, which was also held in Sofia and brought together live experts and specialists united by one goal – a sustainable future for us and the generations to come.

This year, Green Week 2023 will be held in the period June 20-22, and the expert talk in Sofia will reverberate throughout Europe. This is a clear sign that Bulgaria is not a party to sustainable policies, on the contrary – our country is an unavoidable factor, having a vision, approach and proposals for the transition. And all this will happen just a few months before the world climate meeting COP 29.

The event is now regional and it will not only be about national frameworks, but also about policies that the countries of Central and Eastern Europe will conduct together, in a coordinated manner. And this will happen not because some official in Brussels has decided it, but because everyone is aware of the dangers that lie in wait for humanity if it does not act now and stop the pollution of the Earth.

The first day of the event will focus on energy and its key role in the transition. Participants from across the region will debate important topics such as the energy independence of the Balkans, energy connectivity, the possibilities of energy storage systems, renewable energy and the future of base stations. The participants will also have a special message for the upcoming COP 29, which this year will be held in the United Arab Emirates.

On the very first day of Green Week 2023, a round table will be held on the vision and energy strategy of Bulgaria. That is where the clash of opinions of ministers and experts will take place, because this is the foundation and the direction in which the entire Energy sector will move for decades to come.

The focus of the second day of the event will be on sustainable finance, the circular economy and decarbonisation. Ministers and experts from European banks will look for the best options not only for financing, but also for innovation, training and sustainable use of resources.

In parallel, there will be a debate on the possibility of green investments being made wisely and supported by the state. These policies cannot do without new technologies, ESG norms and education. It is precisely for this reason that the participants of Green Week 2023 will have a special focus on this section of the green transition.

The organizers have provided a special place for digitization and education in the conditions of the transition. There will also be a special hybrid panel with a biotech studio showcasing innovations in medicine and healthcare.

A green transition without people is also unthinkable, and this is embedded in the concept of the third day of the Green Week 2023 event. On this day, sustainable options for transport security and vehicle electrification will be considered. A key element in the discussion will be smart and green cities and their cyber security.|

Issues of sustainable agriculture will be the focus of this day of the event, along with the opportunities offered by the agritech sector. And this is of particular importance to all of us, because every day we must remember that we live on a planet with limited resources, which we must use properly. Farming is no longer just about maximising yield per acre, it is a modern sector working for people and protecting biodiversity. And all this should happen at an affordable price for people.

Participation and interest in Green Week 2023 have already been confirmed by a number of countries from Central and Eastern Europe, and the time to the forum is advancing rapidly. At the previous edition of the forum in Sofia, there were over 150 speakers from more than 10 countries. The current format already requires an even greater regional presence of experts, European commissioners, ministers – all directly or indirectly responsible for the environment, regional development and energy.

The responsibility of Green Week 2023 is huge to everyone and the event already enjoys huge interest from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The conference will also be a litmus test for the mood of experts and politicians who are already aware of how urgent and difficult the green path Europe has taken will be.