EU Commissioner Gabriel: Europe Can Lead New Surge in High-Tech Innovation

EU Commissioner Gabriel: Europe Can Lead New Surge in High-Tech Innovation

Europe stands a chance of spearheading the new surge in high-tech innovation, said the European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth Mariya Gabriel in a video message to the participants in Friday’s Sofia discussion on “The Green Deal – Innovation, Investment and a Just Transition”.

Gabriel noted that the key areas of investment are innovation, education and skills, cooperation among the EU member states, and regional development.

According to her, 42% of the world’s most advanced in offering energy efficiency solutions startup companies are European. Now is the time for massive investments in innovation in the field of energy, agriculture, transport and healthcare, she said.

Bulgaria’s Sofia and Gabrovo are among 100 European cities selected to apply concrete solutions to achieve climate neutrality by 2030 and thus inspire other communities in Europe. Burgas is one of the EU regions chosen for a climate change adaptation mission. The idea is to support 150 EU regions to achieve climate change resilience, Gabriel said.

She highlighted investments in pure hydrogen. According to her, the European Commission expects that the EU’s 23 hydrogen valleys will double by 2025.

Gabriel drew special attention to an initiative which she said is closest to the citizens: the New European Bauhaus. The initiative is intended to bring the Green Deal closer to the people, their consciousness, their ideas about how they can propel change, she said. The Commissioner urged people to join the many events of the New European Bauhaus Festival either personally or virtually.

The European Green Deal will be successful only if all of Europe implements it, Gabriel said.